Your Intro to Enhancd CBD Oil

The aches and pains from constant wear and tear on the body can make it difficult to perform and improve consistently. This is why many athletes are turning to CBD Oil to aid their recovery and keep them performing at their best.
Addiction to painkillers has been a long-reported topic amongst athletes engaged in combat and contact sports. Could the use of CBD be an all-natural solution to this growing epidemic amongst young men and women?

Two very common questions we get asked are; “What is the difference between a full spectrum and an isolate?” and “Which one should I be using?”

So, let’s have a look at both……

Most people have heard at least a little about CBD oil and its many potential health benefits, but how and why CBD can be so beneficial leads us to understand more about a system within the body that already exists regardless of CBD usage-the Endocannabinoid System.
‘Enhancd’ performance in the octagon, the ring or on the field is something all athletes strive for. Ultimately it’s those hours in the gym, the toil on the paddock and on the track that give you your edge. Hard yakka - no shortcuts